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About Us

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About Us

Welcome to Sweet Subscriptions, your subscription & gift store, whose sole purpose is to deliver a unique and mouth-watering mix of the finest confectionery to your door.

Our SUBSCRIPTION BOXES are designed for people who appreciate a sweet sensation at least once a month and want to experience new sweet treats whenever possible.

Our boxes are also “Letterboxable” which means they have been designed to fit through a UK Standard letterbox and is delivered for FREE within the UK.

Our GIFT BOXES make the perfect gift as each one contain an amazing mix of old school classics and family favourites that is sure to bring back some memories.

Not only is this convenient, the variety changes each month, so every box is a sweet surprise!

Recognising that some people have allergies or specific dietary requirements, Sweet Subscriptions is pleased to tell you that we stock a wide variety confectionery to ensure we have something for everyone.

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